wINCI is a dynamic database updated real-time. The subscription purchase is per user access and active for 12 months.
AVAILABLE TO BOTH PCPC MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS. Contact Shirley Gibbs for any questions.

12-Month Subscription Fees:

  • PCPC Members: $525 per user
  • Nonmembers: $1,250 per user





The InfoBase is PCPC’s members-only premier resource providing access to major data collections on ingredients and technical reports, as well as current news.The InfoBase contains wINCI, which is the official resource for INCI names, the universal standardized naming system created for cosmetic ingredients.
AVAILABLE TO PCPC MEMBERS ONLY. Annual subscription fees range from $1,050 to $9,600. One subscription allows access to all individuals in your company.

Interested in the INFOBASE? Contact PCPC Membership.



International Regulatory Database (IRDB)

Access up-to-date cosmetics and personal care products regulations, basic health laws and government information for more than 60 countries around the world through the International Regulatory Database (IRDB). IRDB is an annual subscription available exclusively to PCPC members. AVAILABLE TO PCPC MEMBERS ONLY.

Interested in the IRDB? Contact PCPC Membership.